Thursday, March 29, 2007

UV Forensic Head Lamp

Forensic Hands-Free Alternate Light Source allowing crime scene, law enforcement and crime laboratory personnel the ease of searching for serological evidence, trace evidence, vehicle leaks (accelerants) and examining questioned documents while facilitating multi-tasking.

Friday, March 09, 2007

HANSACANYON - temperature sensitive faucet

Hansacanyon is pure design and technology excellence. Form – uncompromising, extravagant and exciting; function – a brand new concept in water flow: an open, visible watercourse spout. And along the way, the water stream is illuminated and varies its color from cool blue into a warm red according to temperature.
The entire operation of the Hansacanyon is electronically controlled with sensor buttons. With its strict, unusually clear profile, Hansacanyon becomes even more: it becomes an object that throws an entirely new light on the interpretation of the water experience.

Water, light, energy, power, design: features that transform Hansacanyon into an avant-garde element in your bathroom. However, the technology adopted here is not merely technology for technology’s sake but rather an essential foundation and concept of the staging. The entire operational technology remains invisible and only the cool chrome of the fitting can be seen.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fireflys in a Jar

This project uses green surface-mount LED's along with an AVR ATTiny45 microcontroller to simulate the behavior of fireflies in a jar.

The flash patterns have been digitized from firefly behavioral research data found online and were modeled in Mathematica so that variations of speed and intensity could be generated. The final output was transformed by a lightness function and written into header files as 8-bit PWM data.

The software is written in avr-gcc C and source code is provided along with a pre-compiled .hex for convenience. The code has been significantly optimized for efficiency and to minimize power consumption. Crude runtime estimates predict a 600mAh 3V CR2450 battery should last between 4 to 10 months, depending on the song pattern used. RIght now the source comes with two patterns, song1 and song2, with song2 as default. Song2's estimated runtime is 2 months, song1's is 5 months.

This project involves a fair amount of surface-mount level soldering. However the circuit design is trivial and the fact that we're able to use an off-the-shelf SMD prototyping board rather than having a custom PCB made greatly saves on cost. It would be very simple to create a non-surface mount version using the PDIP version of the ATTiny45 and through-hole LED's.

The cost of the electronic components comes in at around $10-$15 (after shipping) or so and assembly time is on the order of 2 hours.